Amin Mali

Amin Mali

Chief Technology Officer at "Texers Technical Ceramics Inc."

Candidate for PEO East Central Regional Councillor

Volunteering with PEO has been a great honour and I hope you will assist me to further my service as East Central Regional Councillor.

Engineering began as a "proactive regulator" but our voice has fallen silent!

With your support I will work to restore and rebuild our professional status and credibility. While we need to demonstrate our technical abilities, this must be achieved on a strict fiscally responsible budget and through improved basic governance of our profession.

Together we can:

Improve public confidence in engineering, and create a profession that has even greater respect and recognition.

Support programs to improve the engagement of licence holders and engineering graduates, especially in the industrial sector.


Refocus PEO activities on enhancing its regulatory role, both at PEO Committees and at the Chapter Level using volunteers enthusiasm.


Work diligently for the repeal of the “Industrial Exception” (IE). The IE is a major challenge facing PEO since it maintains a serious threat to PEO's regulatory mandate.



McMaster University, PhD, Materials Science, 2011

University of Tehran, MSc, Metallurgy, 2003

Sharif University of Technology, BEng, Metallurgy, 2000


Texers Technical Ceramics Inc., Chief Technology Officer, 2015 - present

Acuren, Metallurgist, 2014

McMaster University, Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2011 - 2013


Professional Engineers Ontario, Willowdale-Thornhill Chapter Board Member, 2018 - present

Professional Engineers Ontario, Member-at-Large, 2015 - 2017

Researched and studied PEO history and the background for having a self-regulatory mandate, published topics on professional engineering such as "Self-regulation - a privilege NOT a right", "Industrial Exception - The emergence of gray areas into the regulation process", Engineering - NOT a Silent Profession.
Connected PEngs/EITs with their chapter executives for potential volunteering opportunities.

Professional Engineers Ontario, Grand River Chapter Education Committee Chair, 2017

Professional Engineers Ontario, Grand River Chapter Education Committee Vice Chair, 2016 - 2017

Professional Engineers Ontario, Grand River Chapter Education Committee, 2015 - 2016

Reached out to more than 100 members searching for technical speakers for our symposium 2016.

HandOverHand Network, Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator, 2018 - present

HandOverHand is a network with a focus on connecting students with seniors in the Greater Toronto Area for a mutually beneficial housing relationship and promoting inter-generational living between them.

March of Dimes Canada, Peers Fostering Hope Mentor, 2018 - present

Peers Fostering Hope is a program that helps people living with the after-effects of stroke and their family/friend caregivers to lead a meaningful life.

New Horizons Toastmasters Club, Board Member, 2018 - present

Toastmasters provided me with a great opportunity to improve my leadership and public speaking skills. They also provided me with a safe place to practice my speech "The Road Not Taken".

Self-regulation - a privilege NOT a right

The privilege of self-regulation comes with a high level of responsibility to serve and protect the public for all self-regulating bodies, for example Professional Engineers Ontario for engineers, Law Society of Upper Canada for lawyers and College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario for doctors.

To preserve this privilege, it is essential for the members of a self-regulating profession to hold themselves to a higher standard than anyone else would, to always act in such a way that they are part of a compliance regime and to report any misconduct promptly and voluntarily.

Failing to fulfill the regulatory mandate, a body risks losing the privilege to self-regulate. Following are examples when the government has revoked the privilege of self-regulation from professionals.

March 2017 - Tarion new home warranty corporation loses its responsibility to regulate the province's home builders. Considering conflict of interest issues, the Ontario government will create a stand-alone home builder regulator separate from the warranty provider.

July 2016 - Quebec government places the province's Order of Engineers under trusteeship because of an internal crisis in the professional body and it being unable to fulfill its primary responsibility of protecting the public.

June 2016 - British Columbia government puts an end to real estate self-regulation since it has failed to protect the public from illegal practices and has lost the public's confidence in its ability to police itself.

Regarding public welfare as paramount is essential for members of each self-regulating body and they need to have a broad mindset of Public Interest. Concurrently, education of individual members about the importance and benefits of self regulation and its difference from advocacy is the key to preserving this privilege.

Having the public trust is an indispensable factor in self-regulation. It is essential for the members to fully understand the code of ethics and its purpose, and to be aware of disciplinary actions resulting from any professional misconduct (breach of the code).

A major impediment to this public trust is adjudication by members of the profession. Lawyers judging lawyers, doctors judging doctors, and even former police officers investigating police officers creates a conflict between protecting the public and protecting a profession's reputation.

In conclusion, having an independent panel of professionals to prevent any conflict of interest would be very effective, as the profession tends to avoid disciplinary actions against its own members.

"The above article on Self-Regulation was published in the Canadian Society of Iranian Engineers and Architects Magazine MOHANDES (November 2017) and in the Professional Engineers Ontario Magazine ENGINEERING DIMENSIONS (March 2018)."

 Your Profession.

 Your Vote.

Since 1922, the Association has striven to improve its performance under the Engineers Act and, at the same time, maintain our valuable status of self-regulation. This requires the commitment and engagement of all our members. One of the easiest ways to do this is by ensuring you vote in our Council elections. It only takes few minutes. I respectfully ask you to vote for me for East Central Regional Councillor. However, regardless of your preference,

please vote!